Sales for Professionals

Sales for Professionals

This Workshop is designed for anyone involved in converting prospects, selling to existing clients or wants to understand the principles and practice of professional selling. The content includes;

  • The Mind-set for every successful Sales person
  • The Psychology of Influence
  • The Seven Steps to Closing the Sale
  • Upselling and Cross Selling
  • Understanding Personality Profiles
  • Client Relationship Management

Whether you are selling a Product or a Service, selling to the Public or to other Businesses - this workshop will give you the strategies, tactics and confidence to make the sale.

Each participant will be invited to complete a DiSC profile before the Workshop, and commit to a defined plan of action and Results for the following 90 Days.

  • Understanding where the Responsibility for Sales lies...
  • Build Confidence, so that any meeting is productive...
  • Deliver Strategies for improving Conversion Rate...
  • Learn techniques for Order Building...
  • Develop a proven Sales System that works...
  • Learn how to make more money...
  • Have a Plan for success...

During the sales course you will be learning, adapting and practicing techniques that you can use to get results immediately. You will leave feeling energised and confident with your own Sales Plan that can be put into action the next day.

"One of the best training's I have ever attended ! '

John F - Luxembourg

'David is an expert in the field and a very nice person to do business with. Besides his training program he really take the time to make it fit for our wishes and needs. He is drive, motivated and an excellent speaker, if you are ever in need of a business coach in the sales area, you should speak with him!'

Robert - Luxembourg