Marketing for Success

The Marketing for Success Workshop is designed for anyone who needs to attract new prospects to a business, build a reputation or develop awareness - essentially this is about getting people interested in what you do.

The content includes;

  • The Power of Vision and Purpose
  • Marketing Strategies that Work
  • Copywriting and Content Generation
  • Reducing Client Acquisition Cost
  • Guerrilla Marketing Tactics
  • Reputation not Branding

Marketing your business is the start point for growth - we are not in the business of building a Brand, we are in the business of building a Reputation ...

This event will give you the ideas, tools and inspiration to transform your marketing so that you get all the leads you can handle and not have to spend a fortune.



  • Define what you are actually delivering into the market...
  • Have engaging Vision and Purpose statements...
  • Develop 12 Strategies that you can use immediately...
  • Use Guerrilla techniques to stand out from the crowd...
  • Learn the cost of Acquisition and how to reduce it...
  • Systemise the Marketing for consistent results...
  • Define Goals for success...

'David is a fantastic trainer who keeps it real and makes it entertaining.

Drew W (USA)

"David knows how to talk with passion and enthusiasm.

He is authentic, full of ideas and you can feel his knowledge.

The workshop with David was very useful for me. I would definitely repeat it."

Jerome Zimmer, Luxembourg