Coaching for Results

Coaching for Results is designed for anyone who would like to understand the tools, techniques and strategies of Coaching for Results in business - from one of the top guys in the business. The content includes;

  • Coaching & Management
  • Mind-set of the Coach
  • Three Aspects of Coaching
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Accountability and Positioning
  • Achieving Results

Coaching is a misunderstood principle, blended with consulting, training and management - lots of people call themselves a Coach without understanding what it means...

This workshop will give you the concepts, tools and methods used by some of the top coaches in the world and enable you to Coach others with confidence and integrity.

"I attended Dave's Coaching Skills workshop in Luxembourg recently and I cannot recommend him enough. I felt that I came away with so many tools to help further develop myself and my team. Dave made sure the workshop had just the right amount of fun too making it a great experience."

Jessica Shears (UK)



  • Define what Coaching actually involves
  • Establish the Principles of Coaching...
  • Develop a method that will get results...
  • Have the tools and techniques to help you...
  • Understand the power of questions...
  • Learn how to help others get great results...
  • Define Goals for success...

'I've completed Dave's Coaching for Results Workshop and have to say he is an excellent speaker, presenter, trainer and coach!

The workshop was extremely professional, there was a great level of content and huge amounts of value all delivered with passion and integrity.

I have a small and distinguished list of professionals I trust, and Dave is definitely on it!

Work with him and be impressed at what he does.'

Dave Turner - UK

'David is a fantastic person, who has the ability to re-focus people on what is really important to them.

I highly recommend attending his seminars to all who are either in a doubt about their life or their business, or who need to unleash their inner power.

Thanks to him and team.'

Emanuel Begat, Luxembourg