Business Planning

This Workshop is designed to enable you to define and achieve a 90 Day Plan that actually works and supports your long term objectives - personally and professionally. The content includes;

  • The Power of Vision & Mission
  • Short Term Goals
  • 90 Day Planning
  • Tools, Templates and Tactics
  • 90 Day Letter to Yourself
  • The power of Goal setting

Planning is the boring part of business - not any more. This engaging and practical Workshop brings goal setting and achievement to life and guarantees to inspire you...

"This workshop helped me on achieving both my personal and business goals..."

Greg Morrall, Chamberlains. UK

Based on David's book - Your Business Rules OK - this workshop gives participants a simple, proven system for achieving goals and objectives.


  • Develop a Vision for the future...
  • Design 3 year and 1 year single page plans...
  • Define what the next 12 months will look like...
  • Put together a detailed 90 Day Plan...
  • Make personal commitment to the plan...
  • Understand the strategies for success to help you...
  • Have a Plan for success...

'David is very talented in his field. He demonstrates high interpersonal skills and deep knowledge in sales. It was a pleasure to collaborate with David and I already appreciate the benefits of his training in my professional (and personal) life!

Virginie G - Luxembourg

'I have known David for many years. He worked with the team at Chamberlains for some time. His input was outstanding and has had a positive and long lasting effect on the performance of our organisation.'

Stuart Sherman UK

'I would like to thank both Lynne and David for yet another superb workshop. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, brilliant ideas, a whole lot of fun and great people then look no further than Results Rules. '

Kevin Gallagher UK