David has written a full range of Books that will engage and educate you and your team.

"I recommend that you read David's books; they are way beyond EMyth and bring Harvard to the Owner Managed Business/SME with dramatic effects."

John A - (UK)

Your Business Rules OK

This book is for everyone who wants to know how to improve their results in business...

All businesses are unique. They may follow similar patterns and structures, but they have individual personalities that define them. Whether you are starting your own business or looking to grow your existing business, or whether you are a CEO, manager, supervisor, an ambitious machine operator, or clerk, this is the book for you.

Your Business Rules OK is a guide book. Each chapter is intended to build on the previous one and help you develop a process of building a successful business, department, division, or territory. If you are starting a new business, then work through the chapters in sequence, building your plans and activities as you go.

If you have an existing business, then whilst the rules still apply, you can compare what you are doing now with these concepts and see how you are doing. You may have some of them covered off and working really well. You may find that some areas need some tweaking. You may also find that some areas need a complete overhaul.
From the Burger Bars of Las Vegas, to the airports of Heathrow and Gatwick, from Dressmaking to Wiring Harnesses, Your Business Rules OK takes you on a unique journey, to explain how remarkable businesses are built.

With supporting documents and templates that can be downloaded free, you will have a complete toolkit to plan and grow your business, making your dreams and visions a reality.

Because after all, it's your business and; Your Business Rules OK

Once you start reading it you will find it hard to put down (I read it in one day) and then you will keep picking it up and dipping in and out as you work through the principles in the book. Kevin G

Your Life Rules OK

This book is for all of you who want to create a better life for yourselves and those around you. Whether you want to make more money, achieve bigger goals, make a greater contribution, or simply understand what makes you and those around you tick, Your Life Rules OK will help.

I have decanted the contents into the eight life rules, and together they will give you a structure and an awareness of what you can do in order to start achieving more. By the end of the book, you will be better placed to:

  • Understand how you view the world and what assumptions you are making that empower you and which ones may be holding you back.
  • Choose what it is that actually makes you happy and bring more of it into your life.
  • Be able to plan your future with certainty and take the action you need to achieve the results you choose.

Each of the eight rules is designed to help you understand yourself better, make better choices, and take positive action. So please read the entire book, but take from it the ideas, models, and concepts that apply to you directly. You may, of course, find that they all do, and that is fine, but also remember that your life rules will be different from everyone else's and one size does not fit all.

I have included stories from history to demonstrate and support the rules. I have also included a number of stories from my own life, to show you that this is not just some piece of academic research. I have not mentioned many names, so both the innocent and the guilty are protected, and there are some stories that I have saved for workshops and seminars, some that are best told from the stage or better still over a drink in the bar. I look forward to meeting you.

Because after all, this is your life and; Your Life Rules OK