Tell me about Business Coaching...

Steve Power interviews David Holland MBA

The Olympic Interview

David interviews professional sailors Richard Parslow and Marcus Baur talking about how coaching works and how they developed Goalscape.

The Olympic Interview Part 1

The Olympic Interview Part 2

How to Franchise your Business

David interviews the late Tony Fitzpatrick the Franchise Guru about how to franchise your business.

How to Franchise your Business

The Law of Attraction

David interviews Liz Green 'The Law of Attraction Queen'.

The Law of Attaction

How to Be Creative

David Interviews Peronel Barnes founder of Create & Consult.

How to be Creative

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

David interviews Sanjay Shah about how mastering Emotional Intelligence helps in both personal and business life.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Legally smile

David interviews Gwyneth Allsopp 'Law with a friendly face'

Legally smile

Coaching Nigeria Style

David Interviews Ubong Essien about business coaching in Nigeria.

Mr Motivator