What our Clients say about us...

Working with David has made a huge difference to my business. He restructured my sales strategy, encouraged me to write an eBook over which I had been procrastinating for years, and is a knowledgeable sounding board for all my other activities. David has been there, done that, and proudly wears the t-shirt. He's patient, positive, understanding and enthusiastic and he's always there when your spirits need a lift. Above all, David is a decent human being.

Tony Fitzpatrick Ireland

I've not known David long, just a matter of months but in the short time i have he's managed to completely energise my attitude to our work and current situation. The help he provides is invaluable for anyone involved in business and especially those caught up in the day to day of business activity. 
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, and his record speaks for itself. Thank you David for the help you've given so far, and i intend this working relationship to continue indefinitely.

Matt Williams UK

I first came across David in 2007 and have benefited greatly from his business knowledge and coaching expertise. I've seen the impact he creates with others through his group coaching and thoroughly recommend his services.

Sanjay Shah UK

I met David last year, in Bulgaria but it seems like I know him forever. Is a nice person with a very solid background in business coaching. He enjoy learning others people to be better in their domains; he helps them to have a more accurate vision about their business. With David support they understand and correct their mistakes. David is a great friend and anytime I need his advice or help he is more than willing to find the perfect solution for my problem. I know I can count on David and his clients, too.

Constantin Anton Bulgaria

I have worked with David for the last five years, he does what it says on the tin....gets results, which to me means creating more profit through increasing my business effectiveness and directing my effort and energy to gain optimum returns. Oh and he is great fun to be around, a positive force in a non-tree hugging kind of way.

Mike Turbitt UK

David is the most engaging speaker I have ever encountered; he has a fantastic ability to impart tools and concepts that enable massive organizational improvements in a way that is easily understood and more importantly implementable to audiences worldwide. 
His humble style belies his global experience and expertise which is vast; to capture just what I mean I recommend that you read David's books; they are way beyond EMyth and bring Harvard to the Owner Managed Business/SME with dramatic effects.

John Atkinson UK

David was a pleasure to work with. He was always attentive and answered questions quickly. His final delivery to the client was perfect and they loved his speech. I would highly recommend David to anyone considering hiring him. We will work again soon.

Lucinda Swan UK

If you are looking to make positive changes to yourself, your business or both then I cannot recommend David highly enough.

Gary Taylor UK

I have had the pleasure of knowing David for over 5 years. I originally met David at a breakfast meeting we both attended and during that time found him to be a truly inspirational character. His CV speaks for itself which has taken David to many European Countries and further afield. I have been privileged to attend a number of David's presentations and would encourage anyone to speak with him if they are seeking increased revenue and sales within their business.

Matt Southall UK

We hired David as a Business Coach to help us drive the organisation to the next level. His personable approach, depth of knowledge, and the way in which he simplified and conveyed difficult business principles sets him apart amongst his peers. 
His approach is uncomplicated, easy to grasp, most importantly very straightforward to implement and yields excellent results. I'd recommend David to anyone looking to grow their business.

James Ball UK

Dutch Holland has an uncanny capability to introduce people to themselves, and their possibilities. Working with Dutch has been an enlightening, empowering, inspiring endeavour. His quick wit, combined with his sincerity and wealth of knowledge make Dutch one of the most effective trainers and personal effectiveness gurus on the planet (and beyond the planet, for all intents & purposes).

Chris Steely USA

I have known David for many years. He worked with the team at Chamberlains for some time. His input was outstanding and has had a positive and long lasting effect on the performance of our organisation. Stuart Sherman UK

David is no doubt the best Business Coach I've ever come across. The knowledge Objectivity has gained as a result of his coaching is allowing us to resume our growth - which stagnated for a considerable amount of time. I can wholeheartedly recommend David's services!

Rob Helle Poland

Dave and I set out on an ambitious 3-year plan to grow The Audio Suite and he insisted that we set incredible, yet measureable, goals for what was at that time, simply a one-man-studio with big ideas. What was even more of a challenge for him was that we were - by any definition - a niche business, in a niche industry: an audio post-production facility located in Birmingham, UK. 
So I wrote down 3 incredible things I wanted to achieve within those 3 years: to grow from 1 mixing studio to 3; to have a major Hollywood credit from those studios; and to be recognized by our peers. In the end, we missed the completion of all 3 of those targets by just 21 days... During that time we moved to new, bespoke premises; I received a credit on the Julie Christie, John Hurt and Shia Labeouf movie 'New York I Love You' and won Gold at the New York Film Festival for the film 'Steamy Windows', which was Sound Designed and mixed by me, at the new Audio Suite studio complex. 
We also, along the way, had the most fun you can have in business with your clothes on. I unreservedly commend, and recommend, David Holland's personal and business development skills.

Neil Hillman UK

Dave's subtle grasp of our business and appreciation of our objectives make him a formidable business coach. Dave's input has been instrumental in us redefining our business plan - which we have realised in all areas of consideration for 2013.

Courtney Charlton Luxembourg

David is a fantastic business coach. He is very popular among the Roadio community of business owners for his illuminating insights on how to tackle day-to-day matters as well as more strategic questions. One of David's great gifts is being able to break complex business issues down into practical, actionable solutions delivered with clarity (and good humour!). He is both an excellent writer and presenter too. I recommend David highly.

Mawuli Ladzekpo UK

I have worked with David in two separate organizations. Yes that's right, he is so good I hired him twice. As I have indicated, David is personable, expert and has high integrity. More than that, David is a leading coach, one who is a pleasure to work with, even when the going is hard. Give David's coaching a go, I promise it will be worth it.

John Nieuwenburg Canada

In the short time working with David, my business has transformed from a "hobby" which pays my daily bills (just) to an exciting adventure with huge ambitions. With his extensive knowledge and humorous ways, he knows how to get results; Very much looking forward. Thanks Dave.

Neil Brown Germany

We have hired Dave to be a guest speaker at our events on many occasions as the information he provides is not only invaluable to our clients but motivating and inspiring. We love working with him and his lovely wife.

Louisa Turchet UK

Dave has given our management team fabulous support over the last 18 months or so as we've worked together to successfully transition The Audio Suite from a large, commercial work-for-hire facility, to a bespoke Sound Design Practice. Dave's ability to create focus and understanding, allied to his huge commercial experience and knowledge, makes him our 'secret weapon' as we go in to battle to win the hearts and minds of both our existing and prospective clients.

Neil Hillman UK

David and his team have been working alongside Abraxas for around 12 months now, we have had great fun working with them and they have shown Abraxas a different side to how we can run our business and provide an excellent service to all our clients. I have no problem in recommending David and his team, Lynn and Jon. They're a great bunch of people to work with and you really do get Results...... we have.

Tom Wraight UK

David has been working with myself & SJN Partnership now for around 18 months and results are flowing. To get my mind focused on the right things, and the company going in to the right direction David demonstrated the patience of a saint! But good education and advice finally has started to filter through. The biggest gain to date was a public tender worth over £250,000 which David assisted in writing. Thinking what the procurement people want to read rather than writing what I want to say has been a hard and valuable lesson. 
I raise a toast of good French wine and say 'Merci David'.

Stuart Nottingham UK

Each week on a Wednesday for the past six months, the second the clock ticks over to 2pm, my phone rings and I am greeted by an upbeat, friendly "Mia, how's it going?" What follows is 30 minutes to and hour of some of the most personable, easy to follow business coaching which, most importantly, helps me achieve week on week, as well as keeping me sane! I attended my first quarterly planning day with David earlier this month and it was fantastic to get together with so many of his clients, sharing ideas, motivating each other and of course, listening to David speak with such passion about what he does. David and his wife Lynn are not only experts in making sure you are equipped with the tools you need to continually improve, they are two of the most approachable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I look forward to a long working relationship with the pair of them.

Mia Gahan UK

David is an authentic speaker. 
He has a really interesting past and tells his story brilliantly. David has a great ability to engage with people on all levels and it's just totally likeable in every aspect! 
He really helped me to understand why I do what I do in a way that was fresh for me. 
I'm really looking forward to doing something with you David, whatever that may be, because I'm sold on you, and that's the right place to start. 
I would recommend David for speaking events, especially related to motivation, overcoming adversity and understanding your own brand and story.

Michelle Mills Porter UK

David's input to both myself and the CEO of Crack On Foundation has been invaluable this last 12 months. The results speak for themselves and has meant we have grown from just two retail outlets to six at present with two more to follow by mid February 2013.

David's coaching style is fantastic and he helps us focus on key parts of the business to give us the best possible chance to achieve the results we require. One of the key contributing factors are the 90 Day Planning Workshops that David runs. We always come away having achieved what we set out to do in the previous session and have a plan in place for the next 90 days. Alongside this our monthly meeting hold us accountable.

I would highly recommend David and would like to thank him publicly for all the assistance he has given to Crack On Foundation so far.

Gary Murray UK

I would like to thank both Lynne and David for yet another superb workshop. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, brilliant ideas, a whole lot of fun and great people then look no further than Results Rules.

Kevin Gallagher UK

'David is an absolutely amazing person. He has an uncanny ability of bringing out the best in people!'

Cyndi M (USA)

'David is always able to add just the right bit of humour to his professional endeavors'

Karen B (USA)

'I found David's energy and examples very useful.'

Coumba N( Luxembourg)

'David gave me valuable information and confidence.'

Tammy B (Worcester)

'Presenter "David" is Great'

David S (Luxembourg)

'David's style, knowledge and ability is superb, definitely would recommend.'

Phil W (Birmingham)

'David uses true to life stories that makes the content real, really fantastic.'

Gary M (Bury St Edmunds)

'David always leaves me with inspiration to do more.'

Sarah F (Birmingham)

David does a great job, he is enthusiastic and draws the attention of the audience.'

Victor V (Luxembourg)

I know I'm a pain in the butt. And I have struggled so much with direction and focus. Through it all you have been so patient and understanding. Through all those ups and downs, you have been an anchor. And now I have something that gets me excited. Not because of the income potential. What excited me is the fun and difference I can have. Thank you for being a great coach and being ever persistent in pushing just enough for me to continually move forward.

Josh McGinnis USA

Having met David at a local networking event, I was certainly intrigued...
We met for a chat and a coffee and that was the turning point. Guiding me with his own client specific methods, he has let free a more self-confident, competent entrepreneur. I look forward to continuing to work with David, having him there to re-ignite the energy on my less positive days and to push me to new heights and accomplishments in the times ahead. To sum it up, David is AWESOME! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Mandy Patrick Luxembourg

David is a continuous inspiration to me. He is a problem solver and a thought provoker! Its a pleasure to work with David and he does not only believe in you, but hands you all the tools so you can start believing in yourself and succeed. The passion of his work is contagious. So is his humour

Janice Allgrove

'David has a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and management skills.'
Madeleine B (France)
'David is great. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done and has fun while doing it.'

Irene B (USA)

'Mr H is a true professional and inspiration to all he works with... I have no hesitation in commending him to my contacts and friends...'
Stewart S (Birmingham)
'David Holland: Integrity, Knowledge, Experience, and Leadership. A developer of "leaders of leaders" and a true Trusted Advisor in business.'

Lee H (USA)

'I have been to lots of training's but David's workshops are in my top 3.'

Manuel M de R (BNY Mellon)

'David has an engaging, lively encouraging style.'

Melanie R (BNY Mellon)

'David blends strong practical commercial experience across a number of industries and continents with a great sense of humour .'

Andrew C (Harrigate)

Engaging, authoritative and interesting.

Josh V (Milton Keynes)

'Looking for someone inspirational, competent but also kind & honest? He's THE guy. A true leader that's always there to make you better.'

Alicia A (France)

"David Holland MBA is FUN, he is extremely engaging and shares his wisdom generously with an intent to always be of service to others."

Dawnie H (USA)

I hired David as my business coach in August 2005 when I wanted help to take my business to the next level.
David was able to use the knowledge he had accumulated in working in other businesses (whilst respecting confidentiality of course) to help me in mine. David was a keen advocate of process-based business and helped me to see how ATEC could be systemised (even though most of what we do is bespoke.) Working with David gave me a major confidence boost in my own abilities as a CEO and this has played a huge part on our success.

We now have an award winning business with first class structure and processes and that has allowed me to take a non-operational role. I don't think we would have been able to achieve this without David's input. I would have no hesitation in recommending David's services to other SMEs.

Simon Adcock UK

Very entertaining...

Helen S (Solihull)

Left me feeling enlightened...

Tony C

Besides being a Master, it's also the personality and David's entertainment quality that keeps them coming..A real hard act to follow...
David helped me on achieving both my personal and business goals...

Greg M (Birmingham)

In a sense David taught me everything I know...

Sarah F (Birmingham)

David is an absolutely amazing person. He has an uncanny ability of bringing out the best in people!
I would recommend them to any of my clients...

Andy M (Birmingham)

David is a wonderful Human Being and a great professional. He's very knowledgeable and always gets results.'Dave is one of the few Business mentors I would actually pay. I enjoy working with him and like his professional, friendly style '
Geoff C (Birmingham)
Amazing person to watch on stage, it's impossible not to learn something from him

Brandon V (USA)

His CV speaks for itself which has taken David to many European Countries and further afield. I have been privileged to attend a number of David's presentations and would encourage anyone to speak with him if they are seeking increased revenue and sales within their business.
'David capitalizes on his intelligence, intuition and savvy, and an amazing sense of humor and fun to get things done. '

Gary S (Birmingham)

'David is an exceptional leader and a coach. He is passionate about helping people be very successful. He listens with his heart!'


Hey Dave! You ROCK! Ace to see you in action, I'm loving your stuff! Keep being AWESOME!

Dave T (Birmingham)

David blends strong practical commercial experience across a number of industries and continents with a great sense of humour.

Helped me go from a single operator business to a multi desk operation...

Neil H (Birmingham)

I can now design my own future...

Heather R (Birmingham)

Good stuff and fun...

Mike T (Solihull)

The ultimate coach and teacher. People gravitate to David. High Integrity...

Learned a lot, very helpful...

David is an excellent business coach and presenter. He has vast personal business experience which he uses to great advantage when coaching other business people. He is a practical coach who certainly holds his clients to account.
He guides and challenges
David is an interesting and engaging public speaker. His presentations are informative and humorous.

Gwyneth Allsopp UK

David is one of those amazingly larger than life personalities who inspires, motivates and enables you to access vital sales skills and business strategy. His workshops as well as business coaching are based upon years of experience and proven results. I would defy anyone who meets David either personally, through coaching or training, to leave without feeling encouraged, energised and confident about what they too can achieve.
I heartily recommend him and "challenge" you to experience what David can do for you and your business. You won't be disappointed!!

Jeremy Walker UK

I love David's use of stories and how he gives examples to explain the theory behind, his direct application of rules increases the learning effect and gives reference that it really works and makes a difference.

Katharina D (Luxembourg)

'David's presentation was lively, enthusiastic and gave me ideas of how to obtain new clients and how to service my existing clients.'

Mark L (Birmingham)

'David's workshop gave me a variety of tips and techniques which I can put into practice.'

Allan L (BNY Mellon)

'Excellent Training!!!'

Alexandre S (BNY Mellon Bank)

'Great delivery style - makes you think.'

Steve F (Bromsgrove)

'Dave's humour throughout the presentation and his positivity make the learning fun.'

Louisa T (Nottingham)

'David is great at keeping people's attention, his use of his true life stories enable the listener to figure out him/herself at the same time.'

Laurent T (BNY Mellon)

David has been an inspiration to me with my business and possesses many systems and processes to help anyone!

Love their skills, passion and values...

Mary C

Many Many thanks !!!
I learned more and more skills useful on business and also in my life, I'm very happy to follow and interact in your workshop! 🙂

You are a Great Person and at first contact was a really good feel!


Massimo, Italy

I have used David for just over 12 months and extremely impressed with the results.
To start with I wasn't quite sure how it would work and if it would be a success but having just finished 2013, I can confirm that things are looking very positive. The mortgage market has increased over the last 6 months so some of the increase is from market conditions but I can definitely say that David's input and ideas have had an impact and I will be working with him throughout 2014.

Stuart Mosley UK

David started working with our group of companies at the end of 2012 in order to help us construct and implement a coherent business plan. He works with us rather than for us and together we have been able to increase our business footprint by over 50%. I am delighted to say our group revenues have grown to match! David saw our potential and broke down into manageable steps the path we are now following. I can safely say that without David we would not be considering opening our 3rd international office in the coming months - we would not have known how. We are looking forward to the next 12 months and reaching our goals and I am sure our collaboration will not stop there.

Chris Purdy Luxembourg

'David is a great guy and always helpful to all'

John A (UK)

'David has an amazing ability to connect with all the different kind of people. Great sense of humour!'

Mike G (Birmingham)

'David is a True Leader and world class Business Coach. He know what it takes to get results and how to fast track you to Success.'

Paul A (Oxford)

'David is a fantastic trainer who keeps it real and makes it entertaining.

Drew W (USA)

'David is a superb coach with extensive business experience and knowledge - oh, and one of the funniest people I have ever met! '

Nick R (USA)

'David has been an inspiration to me with my business and possesses many systems and processes to help anyone!'

Ken Z (Canada)

'David is inspiring and pushes you to think and self question.'

Regis B (BNY Mellon)

'David is an amazing coach & trainer.'

Alfredo V (Mexico)

'Excellent trainer that has the trainee's success at heart.'

Kevan W (UK)

'David is a wonderful Human Being and a great professional. He's very knowledgeable and always gets results. '

Paulo V (Portugal)

'The ultimate coach and teacher. People gravitate to David. High Integrity...'

Michael K (USA)

You know when you are told you're going on another sales course and you think its just going to be just another sales course?? Well it wasn't and it wont be if you do go on it. David makes the course relevant with experience and makes the course enjoyable with enthusiasm, energy and euphemisms. (You know, the three E's of selling. He is a confident speaker and gets the message over in a relaxed yet professional manner and gets you to start thinking about solutions.
I can highly recommend David as a thoroughly professional and energetic lecturer and his course was well worth attending.

Anton Gunter, UK

I’ve recently attended David’s Presentation workshop. I found the workshop extremely useful as he gave all attendees a variety of tips and techniques (but also tailored towards each person and their presentation style) in a fun and informative style.

I’ve come away with a lot of knowledge which I’m sure will improve future presentations. I would definitely recommend attending David’s workshops.

Hannah Mumford

David is a fantastic person, who has the ability to re-focus people on what is really important to them.
I highly recommend attending his seminars to all who are either in a doubt about their life or their business, or who need to unleash their inner power.
Thanks to him and team.

Emanuel Begat Luxembourg

David is an expert in the field and a very nice person to do business with. Besides his training program he really take the time to make it fit for our wishes and needs. He is drive, motivated and an excellent speaker, if you are ever in need of a business coach in the sales area, you should speak with him!

Robert Van Den Oord Netherlands

It was a pleasure to meet David. He is a great speaker and trainer; he knows how to lead the others to find their own motivation. I would recommend you to try his training and you will see the benefits! You will not regret it!

Camelia Cracium Romania

David is very talented in his field. He demonstrates high interpersonal skills and deep knowledge in sales. It was a pleasure to collaborate with David and I already appreciate the benefits of his training in my professional (and personal) life! Looking forward to working with David again.

Virginie Giaroli France

To work with David is very easy and quick. He has an exceedingly rich business experience and shares it in a way that is accessible for everybody. I have witnessed the way he inspires people and makes them feel confident. This quality of his combined with his rich experience gives impressive results.

Veselin Dimitrov Bulgaria

I had the pleasure of attending a 'Results Rules OK' workshop during Sep 2011. I found David's personable delivery both unique, fun and inspiring. I have since attended another 'Bite Size Sales Workshop' and also a 2 day 'Foundation Master class Coaching Programme'. He is very knowledgeable within the Business Sector and is very well placed to work with large corporate companies and also individuals in order to achieve high results! I fully recommend David and his dynamic company, I have learned and achieved so much already and I have only just started working with this company.

Jackie Cummins UK

David is an excellent provider of training for individuals SME's and Corporates. He manages to make the courses fun and engaging and as a result they are a lot more thought provoking. He is very passionate about developing a relationship with everyone he trains and adding value to their business and accommodating the needs of the customer. With this in mind I have no hesitation in recommending David as an excellent Coach and Trainer.

Dave Dougan UK

David is great at getting to the heart of things. Whether it be setting business targets or personal goals, he has a wonderful way of helping you look at things from different angles - and finding a way forward to achieve exactly what you want. All I can say is "be careful what you wish for" - with David's help you just might get there quicker than you think... or you just might realise you want to get somewhere completely different than you first thought! Either way, you should check out his books and drop him a line...you definitely won't be disappointed.

Mike Gates UK

David is an inspiring coach and teacher. He enables you to think outside the box and encourages positive self-development as well as creating a successful business. I would recommend David to anyone who wants to improve their business or is about to start up their own business.

Michaela Scheffler UK

I attended one of David's Sales & Negotiation workshops the other week and was incredibly impressed with the content covered, the way in which he delivered the seminar and the fact he had such a personable approach. The workshop was extremely informative and I definitely took away several useful tips & tricks to apply in my line of work. The people you meet are great there too! It was a fantastic day out! I highly recommend anyone of any level/stage in their career to attend David's workshops. I certainly will be in the future.

Toby Bliss, UK

I had the chance to attend David’s workshop on Sales and Negotiation, which was an incredibly insightful look at business behaviour. There were lots of tips I was able to take away, especially regarding the psychology of Sales. Highly recommended, even for those not directly in a sales role!

James Thomas, Swindon

David has been an incredible coach for the 2 days training classes regarding 'Public Presentations'. I amused the purposes of the training and the way David used to transmit them. Hope to have in the future other chances to meet David and attend one of his other courses.

Nicola Incampo, Italy

I attended one of David's Creative Planning Days, along with other entrepreneurs from across the UK and beyond.
He just held the day completely - lots of expert advice, thinking, and easy to grasp ideas that will really help me to position my business - who I am and where I want to be!
Business planning can be approached in quite a linear and logistical way with many business advisers - but David injects lots of energy, enthusiasm and credibility. He's not afraid to digress and go off plan - but just manages to bring it all together in a coherent and a authentic way.
I'd recommend one of his days to anyone! He's not based in the UK so you just need to check out when he's around!

Carole Renshaw UK

I've attended a quarterly Business Planning Day with David. I want to say how inspiring and refreshing the day has been. His ideas to motivate and target yourself and your business are simple, fun and illustrated well in an easy to understand way. Business is not rocket science and David helps you see the wood as well as the trees!

Marc Ford UK

David keeps me focused on what's really important in my business. He believes in me and wants me to do well. He is knowledgeable and always has an answer; a good answer. He is very personable and optimistic. He is very generous in sharing what he's learnt and what he's developed. He also has great stories to share that get a point over. He's solid and reliable and never misses a session and is always bang on time. Most importantly, we are starting to see results. 2013 is going to be a good year.

Mark Dyble UK

David's WWW course was a trigger for some huge shifts! For once I was forced to work on some fundamental business foundations that I knew needed to be developed, but had never got around to it, This course made me address those areas and it has instigated real change in the way that I present my offering.
It made all of us face some real beliefs and ethics behind our businesses using a simply structure, the Why the What and the WOW!
It all came together at the right time, as I was addressing these questions whilst redesigning logos and web sites for my business, but David's course was more effective than any other training on the subject.
I think I was most impressed with the way that David makes the changes happen, you don't just talk about it and go home; you actually implement what you have committed to.
David's style is honest, powerful and yet painless!
I'm looking forward to showing the proof of the changes. Thanks David!

Michelle Mills Porter UK

I have been working with David over the last month and have received excellent results. He helps me to focus my thoughts and works with me to help move the business forward.
I saw David speak for the first time last week and really enjoyed his fun and relaxed style. Informative but at the same time easy to listen to; looking forward to your workshop later in the month. Thanks David.

Anna Goodwin UK

After visiting some of David's great events we started working with each other.
David is an excellent coach for the entrepreneur. He actively listens, keeps you focused on your goals and offers resources to move forwards. Working with David he taught us how to set up our marketing plan, how to do a good presentation and how to focus on every possibility passing by.
Besides helping us with our business, David became a really good friend.
If you do want your business to extend and grow, David is the guy!

Frits Steketee - Netherlands

Having worked with David, he was able to show me the potential I have and how to best use that in both my business and personal life. David's approach is both relaxing and challenging and helped me to focus on my goals. I would recommend David to anyone looking to find meaning to their life.

John Moore UK

Having had the pleasure of being at 2 of David's presentations I then decided I wanted to hear and learn more. A fabulous teleconf earlier today has given me structure and a clear view as to what I can achieve and when I can achieve it by. David is so very personable, and passionate about what he does, that it would be impossible to not be inspired THE results guy... Thank you David.

Emma Smith UK

We have always had a passion for our Martial Arts business, and thought that the time was right to reach out and take some help regarding growing the numbers within our academy. In the last 16 months, working with Dave as our Coach, we have grown the business by 45.2% ; we have more clarity about the numbers, ratios and strategies that are enabling us to be successful, and we are excited about developing our business further in the future. Always on hand with ideas, tactics and of course accountability to achieve agreed objectives, Dave and his team are great people to be around and do business with - highly recommended...

Stuart Harris UK

I have met and worked with a number of Business Coaches over the last 30-odd years, 1 or 2 of whom have been very good. David is right up there with the best and he hits the spot with his direct, down to earth and genuine style. I have also seen the benefit he has had/is having on local businesses. If you want to be fired with enthusiasm for your business and to grow it, David is your go to man.

Andy Homer Luxembourg

Dave (Dutch) Holland's energy coupled with his tell-it-like-it-is style is a charismatic combination. I first met him when I received my Business Coaching Certification. 24 months later I found myself working alongside of him training international candidates seeking coaching certification.
As a businessman, he is a true entrepreneur. As a business educator, Dutch has the uncanny ability to read situations, synthesize all mitigating factors and ask the right questions that will enable growth for both from the business and from the business owner.
But beyond these soft characteristics, what makes Dutch stand out are his stats. While some business coaches have built dozens of businesses, Dutch has literally built or helped build, and/or improved thousands of companies. He achieves results, and I highly recommend him as a business coach or business advisor.

Juliette Donoghue USA