Which Program is right for you...?

Working with your Coach on a 1:1 basis, with a specific focus on the opportunities and challenges you face within your business. We have designed a range of Coaching Programs that are suitable for all businesses regardless of size and sector.

To start with, your Coach will need to know three things;

Where are you now...?

Where do you want to be...?

When do you want to arrive...?

Based on this information, your Coach will agree with you a strategic plan to enable you to get there - it's like having a Satelliete Navigation System for your business.

We then break the long term objectives into 12 monthly Goals and 90 Day or Quarterly Targets - the each Coaching Session is designed to move you towards your goal. With a full set of templates to support and guide you and with over 40 Books published, we have all you need.

All our Programmes follow a similar pattern of regular Coaching Sessions, Workshops and Planning Events along with a range of books and materials to support your progress. Coaching is delivered through a mixture of Video meetings, telephone and face to face sessions.

Depending on your company size, and the levels of involvement required, we have FOUR Programs for you to choose from depending on both your Start Point and desired Destination.

Kick Start Program

For the smaller business typically up to £250k turnover. Coaching will generally be on a twice a month basis, with full email support in between. Discounted access to all our Workshops and events, in Luxembourg, the UK and Globally.

Results Program

For the more mature business up to around £2m turnover. Coaching will be weekly, and the pace will be higher than on the Kick Start Program. Includes FREE access to our regular Planning Events, and 50% discounted places for you and your team at our other Workshops.

Entrepreneur Program

You've probably been in business a number of years, built a track record and have your team in place. The challenge now is to maintain the growth, build your team and systems, or even consider expansion through acquisition, franchising or even 

Bespoke Program

If your business is facing specific challenges, wants to capitalise on key opportunities and you need something truly unique, then work with us to develop a Program that is as special as you are and we'll put a team into place to deliver it.

"I hired David as my business coach in August 2005 when I wanted help to take my business to the next level.

David was able to use the knowledge he had accumulated in working in other businesses (whilst respecting confidentiality of course) to help me in mine. David was a keen advocate of process-based business and helped me to see how ATEC could be systemised (even though most of what we do is bespoke.) Working with David gave me a major confidence boost in my own abilities as a CEO and this has played a huge part on our success.

We now have an award winning business with first class structure and processes and that has allowed me to take a non-operational role. I don't think we would have been able to achieve this without David's input. I would have no hesitation in recommending David's services to other SMEs. "

Simon Adcock UK

What Our Clients Say About Us...

David started working with our group of companies at the end of 2012 in order to help us construct and implement a coherent business plan.

He works with us rather than for us and together we have been able to increase our business footprint by over 50%. I am delighted to say our group revenues have grown to match! David saw our potential and broke down into manageable steps the path we are now following. I can safely say that without David we would not be considering opening our 3rd international office in the coming months - we would not have known how. We are looking forward to the next 12 months and reaching our goals and I am sure our collaboration will not stop there.

Chris Purdy Luxembourg

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