So what is Business Coaching...?

Imagine having someone working with you as you grow your business. Someone who you can confide ion, ask questions of and who will hold you accountable to take the actions required to achieve your ambitions both personally and professionally.

Someone who has a broad business and commercial experience that can bring an outside perspective to what you are doing, someone who has worked with a variety of clients all over the world and can bring that experience and knowledge directly to you and your team.

It's a process of development, learning and achievement. Working with a Business Coach from Results Rules OK will enable you to increase the pace in your business, dramatically improve your results and feel more confident and certain about the future.

"Dave's subtle grasp of our business and appreciation of our objectives make him a formidable Business Coach. Dave's input has been instrumental in us redefining our business plan - which we have realised in all areas of consideration for the year..."
Courtney C - Luxembourg

Working around a series of regular, scheduled Coaching sessions, on average lasting around 1 hour, your Results Rules OK Coach will agree your objectives with you and then support and guide you towards their achievement...
There are three key aspects to your Coaching Programme...

  • Transactional - proven tools, templates and strategies that can be used in your business, department or job to support the achievement of agreed objectives...


  • Transformational - working on your vision, goals and objectives and helping you to think differently about your mind-set, approach and behaviours...


  • Accountability - being accountable to your Coach for the achievement of key objectives and activities is a powerful way of ensuring success...
Every Program is designed around the specific needs of your business and whether you are a a small company in Luxembourg or a big Company in the UK - or anywhere else in the world, we have a product for you...

Most of our client relationships simply start with a meeting over coffee with a note pad - it's quite painless and there are no injections.

If you'd like to find out more just hit the CONTACT US button below, leave some details and we'll be in touch...

"I know I'm a pain in the butt. And I have struggled so much with direction and focus. Through it all you have been so patient and understanding. Through all those ups and downs, you have been an anchor. And now I have something that gets me excited. Not because of the income potential. What excited me is the fun and difference I can have.

Thank you for being a great coach and being ever persistent in pushing just enough for me to continually move forward..."

Josh M USA

What Our clients Say About Us...

"David is a brilliant business coach.

Dutch is a real character and business wise, he always remains results oriented. Highly creative and positive, Dave always have a solution for every problem.

n top of that, despite the huge experience he had before, I mean, an international and successful career (stil on going) and a crazy life, Dave is humble and will always listen to each point of view.

If you are looking to go to the next level and you need a spark, David is exactly what you are looking for! "

Stephane Brun, Luxembourg

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